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NextCity S.A.

The largest bicycle manufacturer in Romania and one of the largest in Europe

The company was founded 2008 following the conclusion of a long-term cooperation agreement for the production of bicycles and spare parts, with one of the largest players in the European sporting goods market, Décathlon France. As a result of this strategic partnership, the bike with the number 3,500,000 was assembled by VeloCity, our factory in Resita, on February 21, 2020.

According to the development plan of the factory, NextCity S.A. started manufacturing aluminum rims in 2014 and plans to implement a series of specific projects related to the production of components (frames, forks, seat tubes, handlebars). In a larger context of development, the company plans to expand the project of a new factory, SportCity, for new customers, in the field of regular and electric bikes.


NextCity's bicycle manufacturing center in Resita, established 2008

An €3.5 million investment was deployed to help us to become from „zero“, in less than 4 years, Romania’s leading bicycle manufacturer by far.

Almost €1 million were dedicated, in 2014, to boost a new rim manufacturing process meant to reach 800,000 units per year.

Another €500,000 were invested, in 2016, in order to sustain a 1 million bicycles order book for the next period.

Until today, our factory has produced over 3.8 million bicycles, with an average of 1,240 units/day but also with peaks of 2,000 units/day.


The upcoming plant in Hateg,
designed to become an integrated manufacturing center for bicycles and more

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SportCity, the upcoming plant in Hateg is designed for the assembly of over 500,000 bicycles per year.
Feasibility study performed, 12.5 ha of land already in concession, general & technical design ready, building permit waits to be released.

Placed in the Transylvania, Romania’s historically most related to the European values province, Hateg is a city of 11,000 inhabitants.

It is strategically located 30 km away from the A1 highway - the main road trajectory crossing Romania. A1 is the fastest way to reach either Hungary – 200 km, Bulgaria – 450 km or Constanta on the Black Sea – 600 km.

Three international airports are placed around Hateg, on an imaginary circle with a radius of 150 km: Sibiu, Cluj and Timisoara. The emerging markets for the bicycle industry are also situated close: Moldova – 700 km; Turkey – 1,100 km; Ukraine – 1,200 km; Russia – 2,000 km.